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6 Email Campaigns You Should Be Automating

6 Email Campaigns You Should Be Automating

In the past, automated email had been frowned upon for initial contacts and personal notes. So why is it popular now to have automated email?

When I first started my own business, any time a person registered on my website they received a personal welcome email. This was way better than sending a canned response saying “thank you for registering”. It shows people think you care about them enough that you took the time to thank them personally.
Automated email can save you lots of time, however it's not always the most personal way to stay in touch.

However, the benefits of automated email are numerous.

  • It cuts down on tedious manual tasks
  • Reduces human error
  • Increases consistency
  • Establishes a Cadence, in other words emails go out as regularly scheduled
  • *People are just not at their homes as much and it’s much easier to browse your email on the go. This is the most important benefit of automated email.

I am not a firm believer in ALL email being automated, however.

Here are 6 Email Campaigns That You May Want to Automate:

Welcome Messages.

I truly believe that this is in the eye of the beholder. If you are getting dozens or hundreds of registrations each day, it is not very efficient to answer each one personally. If you hire someone from a company like Fiverr, that’s still a lot of money in responding. On the other hand, a personal response is more likely to get the person’s attention. Any person reading an email from a campaign can tell that it’s not a personal email.

For example:

I do social marketing and blogging. There are hundreds of companies that do the same thing I do. Let’s say they’ve googled many websites, read the reviews and have decided to get more information. They decided they like two websites.

So they fill in a form on both websites and receive their response.

The first website response says:

“Thank you for stopping by. Here is a link to Social Tips.”

Not very informative and it definitely sounds like an auto-response.

My Response would be like this:

“Thank you, Bob, for stopping by my website at www.SocialMarketingFusion.com. We offer personalized service at an affordable price.
noticed you spent some time reviewing the blogging page. Is there anything special you need or any questions that you have about blogging?
I’ll follow this email up with our 
Guide to Blogging and you can let me know if you have any questions.”

Which one shows customer care? This is why I believe so much in personalizing the very first email. First impressions mean a lot. However, have a canned response as well with a link to a Guide or some tips just in case you get too busy to respond right away.

Email From Laptop Shows Correspondence And Automated Mailing

Renewals and Reminders

This is definitely something you should automate. They don’t need you to write them a personalized note to let them know that their subscription is due. You have no easy way to check this every day anyway. So create a great email that is triggered so many days before the expiration of the subscription. If the consumer has purchased a product from you that will be expiring in 30 days, you would hate to have them miss their refill on the product because you didn’t remind them. They probably appreciate the reminder too.

Transactional Emails.

These are similar to the Welcome email in that messages are sent when a customer interacts with your brand in a meaningful way. Maybe they download a coupon, request password changes or begin the purchase process for a report or product.

Helpful Hints

If you have a consumer who is needing more information on something, they may fill out the form to have it sent to their email. This should be set to automatically send the report ending with a call to action. You want them to remember to do “this” or “that” along with the report as a reminder of the importance or to bring them back to your website to review “xyz”. Save time by creating the automated email from the form.

Cell Phone with Email Notification. Automate your email messages to save time.Feedback Requests.

Feedback and client reviews are becoming more and more important. Millennials, for instance, will have done all their research, compared pricing, read service and product reviews and are ready to buy. You can’t dismiss the importance of getting reviews. This  would be a great time to remind the consumer about how much you care about their purchase or even to ask for a review of the website or the phone call you had. Give them ideas about something they can review. You can also give them incentive to leave a review. Review us today and get 10% off your next purchase. If you have offered a great product or service, they are more likely to do that.

Reactivation Campaigns

If you have set a campaign to run for a specific time period, let’s say over 2 months, the last email you send may say something about Don’t Forget to Opt Back in to Continue receiving our Newsletter and Bonuses. If they don’t Opt Back in, remove them from your database and move on.

Automated Email Campaigns can save you lots of time for repetitive client interaction that doesn’t require your attention. However, if you get an email back from your automated email asking for additional help or support, you must respond personally. These people have shown more than a passing glance at your website or report and are interested. Move them to a buyer with your charm and charisma and showcase the benefits they will receive.

Automate Email Campaigns to save time. Don’t forget to format them for mobile, too.