Be More Than Just a Facebook Post

Be More Than Just a Facebook Post

Be a Local Resource on Facebook. Make your Facebook post informative. Be the person people click on to read more about. Be the person that gets LIKED and SHARED.

e more than just a facebook post when you follow these tips. I know many people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to post on Facebook. First you need to know the 80/20 rule. It’s 80% personal and 20% business. That seems kind of odd to most business people since the reason they are doing all this Social Media Marketing in the first place is to get people to click on their “ads” or business information. But social media marketing is not about getting leads. Social Marketing is about building relationships and showing people who you are. Once they know you they will be more inclined to click on your business posts as well.

You know what the #1 time waster is on Facebook? You might say coming up with a post is time-consuming. But that’s not the answer. It’s time management. When, during the course of the day, do you have time to sit down and write for your social platforms?

You can, however, reduce the amount of time that you spend making your Facebook Posts.

Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Post More Often and Get More Back

  1. The first thing you do Monday morning is to put together a plan for posts for the week. Allow for all your platforms so you know what you will be posting when and how often.
  2. Schedule all these posts!! Yes you can! Most every social media platform has a way to pre-schedule your posts for about a month or so. How nice would that be to get out of the way?
  3. Hootsuite is an aggregator to help you push more information out easier.Check out your local news. Post about that.
  4. Look into Google Trends and see what’s happening right now.
  5. Pick topics to post on Hootsuite* at least twice a day. Remember you can schedule them in advance.

Tuesday through Friday

Comment and Share on every other post. Go onto Facebook, at a time that is most convenient for you (while you eat cereal, take a break, use the bathroom…where-ever). Start commenting and sharing on these posts. Facebook is a communication tool and just posting all the time will never help you build relationships.

Check your Facebook Insights. Not familiar with them? Then you have some homework to do. Facebook insights will tell you things about traffic flow, how many likes you get, what days are better than others to post on and what topics people seem to be most interested in. Write it down or print it out so you can refer to this on Monday morning so you know which direction to go with your writing. Maybe people were not all that interested in the Pickled Pigs Feet Festival, but they really shared the Wine Festival. So what do YOU write about?

There are 4 main types of posts you can make on your page:

  1. Text only Posts (statuses)
  2. Link Posts
  3. Photo Posts
  4. Video Posts

Let’s break it down and discuss each post type, what your goal should be with each type, and what your expectations should be once you post.

Text Only Posts Are the Most Basic. This is just a post where you might say something like, “If you could be anyone, who would it be?” Questions are good conversation starters if you already have a following.

Link Posts: An example of a Link Post might be a link to a blog post you wrote earlier. Not only does the link help with SEO back to your blog, but you get to post a photo and description of the post.

Pinterest is a site that used to be used mainly by the female population.
Photo Posts
: With the advancement of Instagram, PinAdd photos and graphics to your Google+ account with great descriptions.terest and photo websites, posting, Photos can work well on Facebook to. The idea is to get shares. Tons of shares. So try to be creative when you do a photo post.

Video Post:  Much like the Photo Post, people are very visual. Millennials prefer to get their information from a photo/graphic or video than a text ad. But if you post the right kind of video — one that’s compelling to the target audience of your page — you should see a good number of Likes, Comments and Shares of that video. Plan to do at least one or maybe two each week. It can be of yourself or a slide show you created.

Whatever you post, be consistent about it.

Would you like to get an example of a Social Media Calendar I put together for a month?

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* Using Applications like Hootsuite and Onlywire are not highly recommended because the spiders crawl your sites and they will see lots of duplicate content. So beware if you choose to use an aggregator.